PSPC Online Awards $4.5M to MI/NJ/PA Players; Buzgon & Gruneberg Claim Titles

PSPC Online Awards $4.5M to MI/NJ/PA Players; Buzgon & Gruneberg Claim Titles

PSPC Online

While the 2023 PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC) is currently underway in the Bahamas, the online edition recently wrapped up for players in Pennsylvania, as well as the merged market of Michigan and New Jersey.

The online series marked the first major festival for the merged market, which launched back on January 1 and instantly became the largest online poker market in the United States.

“We set the bar pretty high, we put $2.5 million guarantees for the merge liquidity and even $1.5 on Pennsylvania, those were our biggest guarantees, like ever,” said PokerStars Managing Director for North America Severin Rasset. “We’re quite ambitious. It’s always a bit scary when you do that. You just hope that the players are gonna like what you’re proposing, and you have no reference point, you know because you just managed liquidity and you don’t know exactly what’s going to be the outcome.”

By PokerNews’ calculations, the PSPC Online in Pennsylvania catered to a combined 33,724 entrants over 72 events while awarding $1,499,000 in prize money, meaning they missed the overall guarantee for the series by just $1,000!

As for the merged MI/NJ series, which was comprised of 85 events, they drew 46,215 entries and awarded $2,976,930 in prize money, well above the $2.5 million in guarantees. All told, both series had 79,939 entries and awarded $4,475,930 in prize money.

Rasset continued: “We’re super happy with the outcome. Most of the tournaments cleared the guarantees easily … We set ambitious guarantees and overall, for us it was a massive success. It’s also the kind of thing to bring the excitement back as it’s important for players to really enjoy what we have.”

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“ChipzNCheese” a Three-Time Winner in Merged Market

Some of the known MI/NJ players to claim titles were Kevin “V4LUEBLUFF” Ruscitti (Event #34: $200 PLO [Players Championship] for $5,017.81), Benji “OtB_RedHeron” Felson (Event #39: $250 NLH [Deepstack Saturday] for $8,424.02), Ryan “ErikBachman” Hiller (Event #54: $250 NLH [Super Tuesday] for $14,435.78), Angel “Chr0meKing” Lopez (Event #61: $100 NLH [Storm 6-Max] for $7,149.64), and Daniel “loxonbagel” Buzgon (Event #82: $100 NLH [The Closer] for $8,665.02).

Daniel BuzgonDaniel Buzgon

In addition, the following NJ/MI players all claimed two titles during the 2023 PSPC Online – “WadeDavenport”, “LetsGoGlobal”, “LeBowdrix”, “NuttyWolves”, and “BurntBagels”.

However, one player stood above all the rest in “ChipzNCheese”, who won an incredible three titles. First, they topped a 419-entry field to win Event #16: $30 NLH [Bounty Builder Adrenaline, 5-Max PKO] for $1,992.28 on January 15. Eleven days later on January 26, they then navigated a 317-entry field to win Event #63: $250 NLH [Thursday Thrill Players Championship Edition] for $13,514.69 and followed that up a day later with a victory over a 214-entry field in Event #67: $250 NLH [Friday Night Fight Players Championship Edition] for $13,216.40. All told, “ChipzNCheese” won $28,723.37 between the three wins!

2023 PSPC Online MI/NJ Winners

DateTournamentGTDEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize Friday, January 13Event #1: $50 NLH [Nightly Stars: Turbo Warm Up)$12,500551$25,070.50″LouisD60″$4,432.93 Friday, January 13Event #2: $50 NLH [Nightly Stars Knockout: Turbo Warm Up]$12,500483$21,976.50″IamPrettyGood”$3,705.75 Friday, January 13Event #3: $30 HORSE [Mixed Game Warm Up]$3,500297$8,108.10″pjfoster1313″$1,543.03 Saturday, January 14Event #4: $20 NLH [Afternoon Warm Up]$7,500586$10,665.20″ContrarianRunk”$1,878.75 Saturday, January 14Event #5: $100 NLH [Big Kickoff]$60,000874$80,233.20″WadeDavenport”$13,333.58 Saturday, January 14Event #6: $10 NLH [Mini Kickoff]$12,5001,943$17,681.30″blunder88″$2,656.42 Saturday, January 14Event #7: $25 NLH [Mini Stars, Turbo]$10,000580$13,195″jTizzle450″$2,324.08 Saturday, January 14Event #8: $25 NLH [Mini Stars Turbo Knockout]$10,000550$12,512.50″Exotic_Mur”$2,098.54 Sunday, January 15Event #9: $50 NLH [Marathon]$20,000675$30,712.50″TakingS0uls”$5,297.32 Sunday, January 15Event #10: $30 NLH [Sunday Warm Up]$12,000595$16,243.50″JIMMY9117!”$2,860.94 Sunday, January 15Event #11: $100 NLH [Players Special]$150,0001,608$150,000″shanepauw231″$22,855.03 Sunday, January 15Event #12: $10 NLH [Mini Players Special]$20,0002264$20,602.40″Perianth”$3,066.99 Sunday, January 15Event #13: $500 NLH [High Roller Players Special]$100,000212$100,000″LetsGoGlobal”$19,501.74 Sunday, January 15Event #14: $50 NLH [Sunday Nightly Stars, Turbo]$12,500423$19,246.50″DeeerTaaaY”$3,456.14 Sunday, January 15Event #15: $50 NLH [Sunday Nightly Stars Knockout, Turbo]$12,500401$18,245.50″BobDaBui1der”$3,501.55 Sunday, January 15Event #16: $30 NLH [Bounty Builder Adrenaline, 5-Max, PKO]$12,500419$12,500″ChipzNCheeze”$1,992.28 Monday, January 16Event #17: $250 NLH [Battle Royale, Players Championship Edition]$40,000266$61,978″wxg1989″$10,598.91 Monday, January 16Event #18: $10 NLH [Turbo Battle, PKO]$5,000828$7,534.80″nhgglmbema”$1,231.46 Monday, January 16Event #19: $100 PLO8$12,500166$15,238.80″imakewinhappen”$3,082.58 Monday, January 16Event #20: $30 NLH [Turbo Porgessive Total KO, Zoom]$10,000275$10,000″elijahk19″$2,713.73 Tuesday, January 17Event #21: $200 NLH [Freezeout]$25,000180$33,480″pullingjugs”$6,641.90 Tuesday, January 17Event #22: $10 NLH [Turbo Zoom]$5,000662$6,024.20″LeBowdrix”$1,033.83 Tuesday, January 17Event #23: $100 NLH [Super Tuesday]$40,000589$54,070.20″LetsGoGlobal”$9,522.72 Tuesday, January 17Event #24: $30 NL 5-Card Draw$3,000109$3,000″ABRTVAHK”$700.67 Wednesday, January 18Event #25: $250 NLH [Storm, Players Championship Edition]$35,000245$57,085″541VA”$11,003.77 Wednesday, January 18Event #26: $10 NLH [Storm Turbo]$5,000796$7,243.60″evanb004″$1,231.02 Wednesday, January 18Event #27: $100 NLH [9-Max]$25,000388$35,618.40″thoughtriot”$6,457.28 Wednesday, January 18Event #28: $30 PLO [PKO]$7,500273$7,500″Prefontaine420″$1,137.64 Thursday, January 19Event #29: $10 NLHE [$10 Stars Turbo, PKO]$5,000989$8,999.90″darrylj12345″$1,277.77 Thursday, January 19Event #30: $50 NLH [4-Max Stars]$10,000346$15,743″snook369″$2,902.15 Thursday, January 19Event #31: $50 NLH [4-Max Stars Knockout, PKO]$10,000287$13,058.50″NuttyWolves”$2,874.48 Thursday, January 19Event #32: $100 NLH [Thursday Thrill, PKO]$40,000564$51,775.20″Kray2324795″$9,880.07 Thursday, January 19Event #33: $30 Razz$4,000155$4,231.50″AxyAnderson”$856.05 Friday, January 20Event #34: $200 PLO [Players Championship PLO]$20,000120$22,320Kevin “V4LUEBLUFF” Ruscitti$5,017.81 Friday, January 20Event #35: $100 NLH [Friday Night Fight, PKO]$30,000428$39,290.40″MikeyBiceps”$6,354.13 Friday, January 20Event #36: $10 NLH [$10 Turbo Fight, PKO]$5,000872$7,935.20″cornofiron”$1,113.02 Friday, January 20Event #37: $30 NLH [Zoom, PKO]$10,000523$14,277.90″RentedCar”$2,064.38 Saturday, January 21Event #38: $10 NLH [Players Championship Big $10]$5,000927$8,435.70″4lbbassx5″$1,402.17 Saturday, January 21Event #39: $250 NLH [Deepstack Saturday, Players Championship Edition]$35,000182$42,406Benji “OtB_RedHeron” Felson$8,424.02 Saturday, January 21Event #40: $100 NLH [Turbo]$20,000269$24,694.20″BeCivilGuy”$4,712.34 Saturday, January 21Event #41: $30 NLH [Mini Deepstack Saturday]$10,000626$17,089.80″mkopasz”$2,947.79 Sunday, January 22Event #42: $30 NLH [Sunday Warm Up, PKO]$12,000740$20,202″FunkyJesus”$2,743.45 Sunday, January 22Event #43: $200 NLH [Championship Special, 2-Day]$200,000908$200,000″BurntBagels”$33,235.52 Sunday, January 22Event #44: $20 NLH [Championship Mini Special]$30,0001,467$30,000″ChemDude73″$4,603.47 Sunday, January 22Event #45: $1,000 NLH [Championship High Roller Special]$100,000118$112,100″Owens18853″$24,649.65 Sunday, January 22Event #46: $100 NLH [Sunday Nightly Stars, Turbo]$12,500291$26,713.80″coldandwarm”$5,064.67 Sunday, January 22Event #47: $50 NLH [Sunday Nightly Stars Knockout Turbo]$12,500354$16,107″homiezz99″$3,065.09 Sunday, January 22Event #48: $50 NLH [Hyper-Turbo, PKO, Bounty Builder Adrenaline]$15,000280$15,000″D0naldTrump8″$2,445.75 Monday, January 23Event #49: $50 NLH [6-Max Stars]$10,000271$12,330.50″SpyridonTheP”$2,346.57 Monday, January 23Event #50: $50 NLHE [6-Max Stars, Progressive Big Kos]$10,000296$13,468″beamdoctor”$2,490.84 Monday, January 23Event #51: $10 NLH [$10 TKO Turbo, Progressive Total KO]$5,000653$5,942.30″El Hefe Gio”$825.15 Monday, January 23Event #52: $100 NLH [Battle Royale, PKO]$30,000349$32,038.20″PIES1212″$6,025.68 Monday, January 23Event #53: $30 NLH [Turbo]$8,500443$12,093.90″StaggLee”$2,171.97 Tuesday, January 24Event #54: $250 NLH [Super Tuesday, Players Championship Edition]$50,000331$77,123Ryan “ErikBachman” Hiller$14,435.78 Tuesday, January 24Event #55: $10 NLH [Turbo, $10 Turbo Tuesday]$5,000882$8,026.20″Wizard81″$1,334.44 Tuesday, January 24Event #56: $100 8-Game$10,000155$14,229″KingOTown”$2,878.25 Tuesday, January 24Event #57: $30 NLH [PKO, Big Stack]$10,000520$14,196″Warrior00086″$2,303.90 Wednesday, January 25Event #58: $50 NLH [Stars Freezeout]$12,500293$13,331.50″HarryTheHammer”$2,527.65 Wednesday, January 25Event #59: $50 NLH [Stars Freezeout PKO]$12,500288$13,104″WadeDavenport”$2,587.42 Wednesday, January 25Event #60: $10 NLH [$10 Adrenaline]$5,000635$5,778.50″binarystar81″$994.32 Wednesday, January 25Event #61: $100 NLH [Storm 6-Max]$30,000435$39,933Angel “Chr0meKing” Lopez$7,149.64 Wednesday, January 25Event #62: $30 [5-Card PLO]$6,000161$6,000″Onedurrfull”$1,117.51 Thursday, January 26Event #63: $250 NLH [Thursday Thrill, Players Championship Edition]$50,000317$73,861″ChipzNCheeze”$13,514.69 Thursday, January 26Event #64: $10 NLH [$10 Turbo Thrill PKO]$5,0001,055$9,600.50″Osgiliath93″$1,378.52 Thursday, January 26Event #65: $50 NLH [Zoom]$25,000542$25,000″D2DBLV”$4,423.37 Thursday, January 26Event #66: $30 NLH [Last Man Standing, Progressive Big KO’s]$7,500380$10,374″mcleskey”$3,172.52 Friday, January 27Event #67: $250 NLH [Friday Night Fight Players Championship Edition]$40,000214$49,862″ChipzNCheeze”$13,216.40 Friday, January 27Event #68: $10 NLH [Turbo, PKO, $10 Adrenaline]$5,000755$6,870.50″LeBowdrix”$978.04 Friday, January 27Event #69: $100 NLH [6-Max Turbo]$25,000269$25,000″bgrif32″$4,819.07 Friday, January 27Event #70: $30 NLH [Bounty Builder Adrelanline, 5-Max]$5,000346$9,445.80″whyisjadakis”$1,597.65 Saturday, January 28Event #71: $250 NLH [Main Event Walk Through]$35,000203$47,299″foreverbr0″$9,395.97 Saturday, January 28Event #72: $10 NLH [Turbo, $10 Turbo Main Event Run Through]$5,000878$7,989.80″Wakizashi60″$1,328.24 Saturday, January 28Event #73: $100 NLH [Deepstack Saturday]$30,000416$38,188.80″BeachbumBurnOut”$6,857.36 Saturday, January 28Event #74: $30 NLH [Freezeout]$5,000340$9,282″mjfii420″$1,173.74 Sunday, January 29Event #75: $50 NLH [Marathon]$25,000678$30,849″FoxyNinja22″$5,320.92 Sunday, January 29Event #76: $30 NLH [Main Event Warm Up]$15,000679$18,536.70″BurntBagels”$3,197.31 Sunday, January 29Event #77: $250 NLH [Main Event, 2-Day]$300,0001,140$300,000″TTV Jthrizz”$48,202.68 Sunday, January 29Event #78: $50 NLH [Mini Main Event]$75,0001,711$77,850.50″Batzz88″$11,808.64 Sunday, January 29Event #79: $2,500 NLH [Super High Roller Main Event]$125,00046$125,000″NuttyWolves”$47,768.71 Sunday, January 29Event #80: $100 NLH [Main Event Second Chance Turbo]$30,000411$37,729.80″Fluffheadd”$6,871.49 Sunday, January 29Event #81: $75 NLH [Bounty Builder Adrenaline Big Kos 5-Max]$20,000276$20,000″AvaGray”$3,988.25 Monday, January 30Event #82: $100 NLH [The Closer]$40,000594$54,529.20Daniel “loxonbagel” Buzgon$8,665.02 Monday, January 30Event #83: $100 NLH Hold’em [Phase 2]$100,000167$114,107.40″BobMerwald”$17,979.04 Monday, January 30Event #84: $10 NLH [Mini Closer]$10,0001,184$10,774.40″BENN DOVERR”$1,695.05 Monday, January 30Event #85: $300 NLH [Players Championship Las Chance, Progressive Big Kos$50,000218$61,040″BarB3r03″$10,763.04

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Trio of Two-Time Winners in Pennsylvania

In the 2023 PSPC PA series, several known players captured titles including Jeff “TheSwagWagoon” Stellwagon (Event #12: $30 NLH [Bounty Builder Adrenaline] for $1,046), Michael “fubadbeatbob” McNicholas (Event #34: $250 NLH [Deepstack Saturday] for $7,096), and Andrew “and_porter” Porter (Event #40: $1,000 NLH [Championship High Roller Special]).

In addition, there was a trio of players who each claimed two titles. Zach “KennytheRipper” Gruneberg topped a 110-entry field to win Event #10: $500 NLH [High Roller Players Special] for $11,513, and then 11 days later bested a 243-entry field to win Event #54: $250 NLH [Thursday Thrill, Players Championship Edition] for $10,603.

Zachary GrunebergZach Gruneberg

Another two-time winner was “deadtosolve” who won both Event #13: $250 NLH [Battle Royale Players Championship Edition] for $8,668 and Event #44: $100 NLH [Battle Royal PKO] for $4,758. Similarly, “TheBigSlick74” won both Event #22: $10 NLH [Storm Turbo] for $927 and Event #56: $50 NLH [Zoom] for $3,284.

2023 PSPC Online Pennsylvania Winners

DateTournamentGTDEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize Jan. 13Event #1: $50 NLHE Turbo [Series Warm Up]$15,000452$20,566″Horsedick187″$3,693 Jan. 13Event #2: $10 NLH Turbo [Mini Warm Up]$5,000802$7,298″Hunt Son 1″$906 Jan. 13Event #3: $30 HORSE [Mixed Game Warm Up]$2,500145$3,959″BadMove69″$570 Jan. 14Event #4: $20 NLH [Afternoon Warm Up]$5,000388$7,061″St4v”$1,286 Jan. 14Event #5: $100 NLH [Big Kickoff]$40,000525$48,195″TallTalent1″$8,521 Jan. 14Event #6: $20 NLH [Mini Kickoff]$10,000757$13,777″zj1393″$2,102 Jan. 15Event # 7: $50 NLH [Marathon]$15,000445$20,248″wcg1016″$3,636 Jan. 15Event #8: $100 NLH [Players Championship Sunday Special]$75,000877$80,509″Thicc Rick”$10,905 Jan. 15Event #9: $10 NLH [Players Championship Sunday Special]$10,0001279$11,639″$urplusV4lue”$1,643 Jan. 15Event #10: $500 NLH [High Roller Players Special]$50,000110$51,700Zach “KennytheRipper” Gruneberg$11,513 Jan. 15Event #11: $50 NLH [Sunday Second Chance, Progressive KO]$12,500322$14,651″Schwibbs1″$2,782 Jan. 15Event #12: $30 NLH [Bounty Builder Adrenaine]$7,500256$7,500Jeff “TheSwagWagoon” Stellwagon$1,046 Jan. 16Event #13: $250 NLH [Battle Royale, Players Championship Edition]$35,000200$46,600″deadtosolve”$8,668 Jan. 16Event #14: $10 NLH [Turbo Battle]$4,000591$5,378″greg717pa”$848 Jan. 16Event #15: #50 PLO8 [PLO8]$7,500166$7,553″garbanzoprince”$1,528 Jan. 16Event #16: $30 NLH [Heads-Up Zoom, Progressive Total KO]$7,500322$8,791″tonecapone3434″$1,757 Jan. 17Event #17: $200 NLHE [Freezeout]$20,000122$22,692″superdonkeydave”$4,974 Jan. 17Event #18: $10 NLH [Turbo, Zoom]$4,000574$5,223″Dyska21″$922 Jan. 17Event #19: $100 NLH [Super Tuesday]$30,000395$36,261″TJ112298″$6,604 Jan. 17Event #20: $30 NL 5-Card Draw$2,00092$2,512″hsbbpo”$613 Jan. 18Event #21: $250 NLH [Storm, Players Championship Edition]$30,000164$38,212″MarcZumoff”$7,730 Jan. 18Event #22: $10 NLH [$10 Storm Turbo]$4,000577$5,251″TheBigSlick74″$927 Jan. 18Event #23: $100 NLH [9-Max]$20,000304$27,907″mlf5135″$4,467 Jan. 18Event #24: $30 PLO [Progressive KO, PLO]$5,000285$7,781″TegridyFarm$”$1,682 Jan. 19Event #25: $10 NLH [Turbo Stacks, Progressive KO]$4,000604$5,496″Mufftetus”$1,023 Jan. 19Event #26: $50 NLH [4-Max Stacks]$10,000307$13,969″HodorHodorHodor”$2,144* Jan. 19Event #27: $100 NLH [Thursday Thrill]$30,000411$37,730″MDD-POW”$7,433 Jan. 19Event #28: $30 Razz [Razz]$2,500107$2,921″UcheckEYEbet”$620* Jan. 20Event #29: $100 [PLO]$10,000141$12,944″randd10″$2,731 Jan. 20Event #30: $100 NLHE [Friday Night Fiht, Progressive KO]$20,000337$30,937″shipitall420″$6,514 Jan. 20Event #31: $10 NLHE [Turbo Flight, Progressive KO]$4,000637$5,797″Thiskid117″$842 Jan. 20Event #32: $30 NLHE [Zoom, Progressive KO]$6,000342$9,337″iSquirt1″$1,830 Jan. 21Event #33: $10 NLHE [Players Championship Big $10]$4,000514$4,677″Ohtobeme426″$832 Jan. 21Event #34: $250 NLHE [Deepstack Saturday, Players Championship Edition]$30,000146$34,018Michael “fubadbeatbob” McNicholas$7,069 Jan. 21Event #35: $100 NLHE [Deepstack Turbo]$20,000225$20,655″CleggsOnGG”$4,028 Jan. 21Event #36: $30 NLHE [Mini Deepstack Saturday]$10,000425$11,603″Law_RK”$2,084 Jan. 22Event #37: $30 NLHE [Sunday Warm Up, Progressive KO Edition]$7,5005,555$15,152″HuddyHeff2020″$2,287 Jan. 22Event #38: $200 NLHE [Championship Special, 2-Day]$100,000569$105,834″soccerdad29″$18,712 Jan. 22Event #39: $20 NLHE [Championship Mini Special]$15,000871$15,852″TurboNSX1031″$2,635 Jan. 22Event #40: $1,000 NLHE [Championship High Roller Special]$75,00084$79,800Andrew “and_porter” Porter$19,503 Jan. 22Event #41: $30 NLHE [Hyper-Turbo, Progressive Total KO, Bounty Builder]$7,500317$8,939″rfund9601″$1,293 Jan. 23Event #42: $50 NLHE [6-Max Stacks]$12,500281$12,786″Lionheart0923″$2,222* Jan. 23Event #43: $10 NLHE [Turbo, Progressive Total KO, $10 TKO Turbo]$4,000499$4,541″Maxlorenz919″$776 Jan. 23Event #44: $100 NLHE [Battle Royale, Progressive KO]$25,000284$26,071″deadtosolve”$4,758 Jan. 23Event #45: $30 NLHE [Turbo]$7,000288$7,862″Schwibbs1″$1,491 Jan. 24Event #46: $250 NLHE [Super Tuesday, Players Championship Edition]$40,000243$56,619″dbrinker”$10,921 Jan. 24Event #47: $10 NLHE [Turbo, $10 Turbo Tuesday]$4,000613$5,578″elmicory”$983 Jan. 24Event #48: $100 8-GAME [8-Game]$7,500107$9,823″cooooooch”$1,896 Jan. 24Event #49: $30 NLHE [Progressive KO, Big Stack]$10,000497$13,568″zj1393″$2,014 Jan. 25Event #50: $50 NLHE [Stacks Freezeout]$10,000251$11,421″yahtzeeb0Y”$2,203 Jan. 25Event #51: $10 NLHE [$10 Adrenaline]$4,000502$4,568″RobRaises”$811 Jan. 25Event #52: $100 NLHE [Storm, 6-Max]$25,000322$29,560″Jpuma97″$5,547 Jan. 25Event #53: $30 [5-Card PLO]$3,500136$37,713″Paule_Card$”$783 Jan. 26Event #54: $250 NLHE [Thursday Thrill, Players Championship Edition]$40,000243$56,619Zach “KennytheRipper” Gruneberg$10,603 Jan. 26Event #55: $10 NLHE [$10 Turbo Thrill, Progressive KO]$4,000561$5,105″cancun1122″$774 Jan. 26Event #56: $50 NLHE [Zoom]$17,500337$17,500″TheBigSlick74″$3,284 Jan. 27Event #57: $250 NLH [Friday Nigh Fight, Players Championship Edition]$35,0001,412$35,000″TheDirtyLenny”$7,373 Jan. 27Event #58: $10 NLH [$10 Bounty Builder Adrenaline, 7-Max]$4,000518$4,714″Dallas2111″$796 Jan. 27Event #59: $100 NLH [6-Max, Turbo]$17,500177$17,500″xSleek”$3,491 Jan. 27Event #60: $30 NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline, 5-Max]$5,000347$9,473″Crouse300″$1,849 Jan. 28Event #61: $250 NLHE [Main Event Walk Through]$30,000152$35,416″SABOL16″$7,360 Jan. 28Event #62: $10 NLHE [Turbo, $10 Turbo Main Event Run Through]$4,000604$5,496″BleedTheFifth”$968 Jan. 28Event #63: $100 NLHE [Deepstack Saturday]$20,000282$25,888″white water 717″$4,908 Jan. 28Event #64: $30 NLHE [Freezeout]$5,000227$6,197″uroutplayed506″$1,195 Jan. 29Event #65: $250 NLHE [Main Event, 2-Day]$150,000691$161,003″fubadbeatbob”$27,769 Jan. 29Event #66: $50 NLHE [Mini Main Event]$25,000777$35,354″Clementine101″$5,999 Jan. 29Event #67: $2,500 NLHE [Super High Roller Main Event]$100,00042$100,000″OT_gR1d”$27,933* Jan. 29Event #68: $75 NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline, Big Kos, 5-Max]$12,500213$15,017″pokaroka31″$3,094 Jan. 30Event #70: $100 NL Hold’em [Phase 2]$65,000109$74,083″rfund9601″$12,451 Jan. 30Event #71: $10 NLHE [Mini Closer]$5,000667$6,070″atalmatal22lago”$1,047 Jan. 30Event #72: $300 NLHE [Players Championship Last Chance, Progressive Big KOs]$35,000150$42,000″jimmytrip10s”$11,826

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The @PokerStars #PSPC Online in MI, NJ & PA had 79,939 entries and awarded $4,475,930 in prize money.

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