TigerGaming’s Winter Championship Online Poker Series Schedule Released; Over $2.5M Up For Grabs

TigerGaming's Winter Championship Online Poker Series Schedule Released; Over $2.5M Up For Grabs


It may be cold outside but things are heating up over at TigerGaming, as the flagship room on the Chico Poker Network, gets ready for its mega Winter Championship Online Poker Series (WCOPS).

The WCOPS runs from January 22 through to February 6 and has more than $2.5 million guaranteed in prizes across the festival. 153 events are scheduled across 15 days and Players of all types will be able to get in on the fun as buy-ins for events vary from $11 to $215. Both No Limit Hold’em and Omaha tournaments are scheduled with game types including PKO’s, Deep Stack and reentry events.

Also, each Sunday sees a Main Event kick-off, with the biggest Main Event taking place on February 5. The marquee Main Event has a $300,000 guarantee and commands a buy-in of $109. Players can also satellite their way into the Main Events for as little as $1 and the other Main Events will also pay out no less than $200,000 per tournament.

Players with smaller bankrolls can also take part in the weekly Mini Main Events, which come with a $22 buy-in and a $50,000 prize pool.

Winter Championship Online Poker Series Schedule

DATETIME (ET)EVENT #GUARANTEEDBUY-INGAMETYPE Sun, Jan 221:00 pm1$50,000$22.00Hold’em NLMini Main Sun, Jan 221:00 pm2$200,000$109.00Hold’em NLMain Sun, Jan 222:00 pm3$3,000$33.00Omaha TBCRE Sun, Jan 223:00 pm4$50,000$215.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Sun, Jan 224:00 pm5$25,000$55.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Sun, Jan 225:00 pm6$10,000$11.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Sun, Jan 226:00 pm7$3,000$22.00Omaha TBCRE Sun, Jan 227:00 pm8$15,000$33.00Hold’em NLPKO Sun, Jan 227:00 pm9$5,000$11.00Hold’em NLPKO Sun, Jan 228:00 pm10$2,000$11.00Omaha TBCRE Sun, Jan 229:00 pm11$10,000$109.00Hold’em NLPKO Sun, Jan 229:00 pm12$3,000$22.00Hold’em NLPKO Mon, Jan 231:00 pm13$10,000$22.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Mon, Jan 232:00 pm14$10,000$55.00Hold’em NLPKO Mon, Jan 233:00 pm15$2,500$11.00Hold’em NLTurbo Mon, Jan 235:00 pm16$20,000$55.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Mon, Jan 235:00 pm17$5,000$11.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Mon, Jan 236:00 pm18$15,000$109.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Mon, Jan 237:00 pm19$30,000$55.00Hold’em NLRE Mon, Jan 238:00 pm20$3,000$33.00Omaha TBCPKO Mon, Jan 239:00 pm21$2,500$11.00Hold’em NLRE Mon, Jan 239:00 pm22$10,000$109.00Hold’em NLRE Tues, Jan 241:00 pm23$15,000$33.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Tues, Jan 242:00 pm24$10,000$55.00Hold’em NLPKO Tues, Jan 244:00 pm25$4,000$11.00Hold’em NLPKO Tues, Jan 245:00 pm26$20,000$215.00Hold’em NLPKO Tues, Jan 246:00 pm27$20,000$109.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Tues, Jan 247:00 pm28$10,000$11.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Tues, Jan 247:00 pm29$30,000$55.00Hold’em NLDaily Tues, Jan 248:00 pm30$4,000$33.00Omaha TBCRE Tues, Jan 249:00 pm31$5,000$55.00Hold’em NLPKO – RE Tues, Jan 249:00 pm32$2,000$11.00Hold’em NLPKO – RE Weds, Jan 252:00 pm33$5,000$11.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Weds, Jan 253:00 pm34$7,500$22.00Hold’em NLPKO Weds, Jan 255:00 pm35$30,000$215.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Weds, Jan 255:00 pm36$4,000$11.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Weds, Jan 256:00 pm37$15,000$109.00Hold’em NLPKO Weds, Jan 257:00 pm38$30,000$55.00Hold’em NLDaily Weds, Jan 258:00 pm39$4,000$33.00Omaha TBCRE Weds, Jan 259:00 pm40$2,500$11.00Hold’em NLTurbo Weds, Jan 259:00 pm41$10,000$109.00Hold’em NLTurbo Thurs, Jan 261:00 pm42$10,000$22.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Thurs, Jan 262:00 pm43$15,000$55.00Hold’em NLPKO Thurs, Jan 265:00 pm44$10,000$215.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Thurs, Jan 265:00 pm45$7,500$33.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Thurs, Jan 266:00 pm46$20,000$109.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Thurs, Jan 267:00 pm47$5,000$11.00Hold’em NLPKO Thurs, Jan 267:00 pm48$30,000$55.00Hold’em NLDaily Thurs, Jan 268:00 pm49$2,000$22.00Omaha TBCRE Thurs, Jan 269:00 pm50$5,000$55.00Hold’em NLPKO – RE Fri, Jan 271:00 pm51$10,000$55.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Fri, Jan 273:00 pm52$5,000$22.00Hold’em NLR/A Fri, Jan 275:00 pm53$10,000$33.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Fri, Jan 276:00 pm54$15,000$109.00Hold’em NLPKO Fri, Jan 277:00 pm55$30,000$55.00Hold’em NLDaily Fri, Jan 278:00 pm56$1,000$11.00Omaha TBCRE Fri, Jan 278:00 pm57$15,000$215.00Hold’em NLPKO Fri, Jan 279:00 pm58$2,000$11.00Hold’em NLRE Fri, Jan 279:00 pm59$5,000$55.00Hold’em NLRE Sat, Jan 281:00 pm60$10,000$22.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Sat, Jan 283:00 pm61$4,000$11.00Hold’em NLR/A Sat, Jan 284:00 pm62$5,000$11.00Hold’em NLPKO Sat, Jan 285:00 pm63$15,000$215.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Sat, Jan 285:00 pm64$2,000$11.00Omaha TBCRE Sat, Jan 286:00 pm65$15,000$109.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Sat, Jan 287:00 pm66$30,000$55.00Hold’em NLDaily Sat, Jan 288:00 pm67$2,000$11.00Omaha TBCRE Sat, Jan 289:00 pm68$5,000$55.00Hold’em NLPKO – RE Sat, Jan 289:00 pm69$2,000$11.00Hold’em NLPKO – RE Sun, Jan 291:00 pm70$50,000$22.00Hold’em NLMini Main Sun, Jan 291:00 pm71$200,000$109.00Hold’em NLMain Sun, Jan 292:00 pm72$3,000$33.00Omaha TBCPKO Sun, Jan 293:00 pm73$10,000$11.00Hold’em NLR/A Sun, Jan 293:00 pm74$50,000$215.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Sun, Jan 294:00 pm75$25,000$55.00Hold’em NLPKO Sun, Jan 294:00 pm76$7,500$11.00Hold’em NLPKO Sun, Jan 296:00 pm77$2,000$11.00Omaha TBCRE Sun, Jan 297:00 pm78$10,000$22.00Hold’em NLR/A Sun, Jan 298:00 pm79$2,000$11.00Omaha TBCPKO Sun, Jan 299:00 pm80$15,000$22.00Hold’em NLR/A Sun, Jan 299:00 pm81$20,000$109.00Hold’em NLRE Mon, Jan 302:00 pm82$5,000$11.00Hold’em NLPKO Mon, Jan 302:00 pm83$10,000$55.00Hold’em NLPKO Mon, Jan 305:00 pm84$10,000$33.00Hold’em NLR/A Mon, Jan 305:00 pm85$15,000$109.00Hold’em NLPKO Mon, Jan 306:00 pm86$10,000$109.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Mon, Jan 307:00 pm87$30,000$55.00Hold’em NLDaily Mon, Jan 308:00 pm88$1,000$11.00Omaha TBCRE Mon, Jan 309:00 pm89$5,000$22.00Hold’em NLRE Mon, Jan 309:00 pm90$2,500$11.00Hold’em NLPKO – RE Tues, Jan 312:00 pm91$3,000$22.00Hold’em NLRe Tues, Jan 313:00 pm92$5,000$11.00Hold’em NLR/A Tues, Jan 315:00 pm93$10,000$55.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Tues, Jan 315:00 pm94$7,500$22.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Tues, Jan 316:00 pm95$10,000$22.00Hold’em NLPKO Tues, Jan 316:00 pm96$15,000$109.00Hold’em NLPKO Tues, Jan 317:00 pm97$30,000$55.00Hold’em NLDaily Tues, Jan 318:00 pm98$1,000$11.00Omaha TBCRE Tues, Jan 319:00 pm99$5,000$33.00Hold’em NLRe Weds, Feb 11:00 pm100$10,000$22.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Weds, Feb 13:00 pm101$3,000$11.00Hold’em NLPKO Weds, Feb 15:00 pm102$10,000$55.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Weds, Feb 15:00 pm103$5,000$11.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Weds, Feb 16:00 pm104$2,000$22.00Hold’em NLButton Ante Weds, Feb 16:00 pm105$10,000$109.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Weds, Feb 16:00 pm106$7,500$33.00Hold’em NLPKO Weds, Feb 17:00 pm107$30,000$55.00Hold’em NLDaily Weds, Feb 18:00 pm108$2,000$22.00Omaha TBCRE Weds, Feb 19:00 pm109$5,000$55.00Hold’em NLPKO – RE Weds, Feb 19:00 pm110$1,500$11.00Hold’em NLPKO – RE Thurs, Feb 22:00 pm111$15,000$33.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Thurs, Feb 22:00 pm112$1,500$11.00Hold’em NLTBC Thurs, Feb 24:00 pm113$5,000$11.00Hold’em NLPKO Thurs, Feb 25:00 pm114$15,000$55.00Hold’em NLPKO Thurs, Feb 26:00 pm115$15,000$109.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Thurs, Feb 27:00 pm116$10,000$22.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Thurs, Feb 27:00 pm117$30,000$55.00Hold’em NLDaily Thurs, Feb 28:00 pm118$1,000$11.00Omaha TBCRE Thurs, Feb 29:00 pm119$5,000$55.00Hold’em NLRE Thurs, Feb 29:00 pm120$2,500$11.00Hold’em NLRE Fri, Feb 312:00 pm121$10,000$55.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Fri, Feb 31:00 pm122$5,000$11.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Fri, Feb 32:00 pm123$5,000$11.00Hold’em NLPKO Fri, Feb 32:00 pm124$10,000$55.00Hold’em NLPKO Fri, Feb 35:00 pm125$10,000$55.00Hold’em NLPKO Fri, Feb 35:00 pm126$7,500$22.00Hold’em NLPKO Fri, Feb 36:00 pm127$10,000$33.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Fri, Feb 36:00 pm128$15,000$109.00Hold’em NLPKO Fri, Feb 37:00 pm129$30,000$55.00Hold’em NLDaily Fri, Feb 38:00 pm130$2,000$22.00Omaha TBCRE Fri, Feb 39:00 pm131$2,500$11.00Hold’em NLPKO – RE Fri, Feb 39:00 pm132$5,000$55.00Hold’em NLPKO – RE Sat, Feb 41:00 pm133$10,000$33.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Sat, Feb 43:00 pm134$3,000$33.00Hold’em NLRE Sat, Feb 44:00 pm135$5,000$11.00Hold’em NLPKO Sat, Feb 45:00 pm136$10,000$55.00Hold’em NLPKO Sat, Feb 46:00 pm137$10,000$33.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Sat, Feb 46:00 pm138$15,000$109.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Sat, Feb 47:00 pm139$40,000$55.00Hold’em NLDaily Sat, Feb 48:00 pm140$2,000$22.00Omaha TBCRE Sat, Feb 49:00 pm141$5,000$55.00Hold’em NLRE Sat, Feb 49:00 pm142$2,000$11.00Hold’em NLRE Sun, Feb 51:00 pm143$50,000$22.00Hold’em NLMini Main Sun, Feb 51:00 pm144$300,000$109.00Hold’em NLMain Sun, Feb 52:00 pm145$3,000$33.00Omaha TBCPKO Sun, Feb 53:00 pm146$50,000$215.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Sun, Feb 54:00 pm147$30,000$55.00Hold’em NLDeep Stack – RE Sun, Feb 57:00 pm148$40,000$215.00Hold’em NLPKO Sun, Feb 57:00 pm149$20,000$55.00Hold’em NLPKO Sun, Feb 58:00 pm150$10,000$215.00Omaha MainRE Sun, Feb 59:00 pm151$20,000$109.00Hold’em NLPKO Sun, Feb 59:00 pm152$7,500$22.00Hold’em NLPKO Mon, Feb 68:00 pm153$2,000 FP$0.00Hold’em NLFreeroll

Get Free WCOPS Tournament Tickets

Anyone who fails to make the paid places in Championship events of the day will be rewarded with a free seat to a daily Shootout tournament the following day.

These events operate under an instant all-in format and will dish out tickets for free for upcoming Championship events and satellites.

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